Sunday, September 27, 2009

For Dave

Twelve years ago, I had a friend named Dave. I wanted to be quite a bit more than friends, but I was sure the feeling wasn't reciprocated. I lamented about this to our friend Brooks until he had (understandably) heard enough. He forced me to call Dave and confess.

Ever so glibly, I said, "Dave, I...I like you."

Dave replied, "I like you, too."

The next morning, he picked me up for our first date. We went out for breakfast and then to a nearby park. It remember it was a beautiful fall day, the sun pouring down in golden slants. Fall is a curious time. It holds so much promise, but a season of cold and darkness must be endured first.

On the playground, we met a little girl and her younger brother, Cassandra and Austin. Cassandra must be a legal adult by now, and Austin would be starting college. I wonder how their stories have unfolded?

Dave, did you imagine we would end up here? We have a happy home and have inexplicably produced the world's most beautiful babies. I'm exactly where I wanted to be since that fall day in the park--with you.

Thank you for these dozen years so far. Here's a slideshow of us from then to now.

P.S. Mom, thanks for coming up with the title for the slideshow. :)


  1. This post made me say "aww" about a dozen times.

  2. I agree with Amy FAith....AWWWWW!!! Auntie Jo

  3. I cannot believe I am so belated in this, but...

    CONGRATULATIONS! Happy Anniversary! I hope your day together was wonderful. The slideshow was truly beautiful. I'd forgotten how long you two have been together! My favorite part was watching your hair change from year to year. I suspect miracle grow in your shampoo. ;)

  4. How sweet! I am so glad you are happy. I forgot all about your long hair. Your wedding hair was gorgeous! My fave pic was where you have on your I Love NY shirt. Thanks for sharing.