Sunday, September 27, 2009

For Dave

Twelve years ago, I had a friend named Dave. I wanted to be quite a bit more than friends, but I was sure the feeling wasn't reciprocated. I lamented about this to our friend Brooks until he had (understandably) heard enough. He forced me to call Dave and confess.

Ever so glibly, I said, "Dave, I...I like you."

Dave replied, "I like you, too."

The next morning, he picked me up for our first date. We went out for breakfast and then to a nearby park. It remember it was a beautiful fall day, the sun pouring down in golden slants. Fall is a curious time. It holds so much promise, but a season of cold and darkness must be endured first.

On the playground, we met a little girl and her younger brother, Cassandra and Austin. Cassandra must be a legal adult by now, and Austin would be starting college. I wonder how their stories have unfolded?

Dave, did you imagine we would end up here? We have a happy home and have inexplicably produced the world's most beautiful babies. I'm exactly where I wanted to be since that fall day in the park--with you.

Thank you for these dozen years so far. Here's a slideshow of us from then to now.

P.S. Mom, thanks for coming up with the title for the slideshow. :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The New Emperor

He's here!

The new guy

September 15, 2009
1:55 P.M.
20 inches
7 pounds, 10 ounces

The new guy

Look at those dark eyes! He's amazed us with periods of alertness, where he seems to be taking in all his surroundings. We've had such a peaceful day together. As would seem to be our habit, we haven't chosen a name for him yet. We welcome suggestions.

Will post more soon...

Update 9/18: His name is Maximus Richard. Going by Max, and sometimes being called Ike by his slightly addled (though adoring) parents.