Monday, August 31, 2009

Bring me a dream

I can't sleep. I spent last night sitting up on the couch, and here I am again now. The baby is doing cruel and unusual things to my innards. My left leg feels like it has a swarm of burning bees in it. I had the same problem while expecting Ike, but I don't remember it being as painful that time. I knew it had something to do with a nerve being compressed by the growing baby, but I only just asked my doctor about it. It's a condition called meralgia paresthetica, or lateral femoral cutaneous nerve entrapment. Fancy. It can be caused by obesity, too-tight clothing, diabetes, or pregnancy. If pregnancy is the cause, Google says the cure is to have a baby.

So I'm waddling around in a bad humor, disposed to grow frustrated with my very active Ike a little too easily. But often he's so cheerful and sweet, I keep resolving to be more patient.

Bath mosaic

Over the past few weeks, his language skills have increased noticeably. He says hello and hi when the phone rings. Amusingly, he says "die" instead of "bye." At bedtime, he says "night-night," and the cuteness is almost unbearable. He says "wheel" and "boy," and Mama and Daddy if you ask him to. He's also saying "ball" with an awesome New York accent--"boooaawwl."

He spent hours this weekend opening and closing the sliding doors at his grandmothers' houses. He loves to study the wheels and track inside the dishwasher if I let him. People predict he's going to be a scientist or an engineer. I'm not making any predictions yet, but I do hope he retains his inquisitive spirit. His dad has. They're both inspiring.

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  1. I never seem to remember just how uncomfortable being largly pregnant is either. :(

    Ike is so cute, I just want to squish him!!