Friday, May 8, 2009

Snips and snails

Hello, sunshine.

Larisa's visit

Ike and I have recently been mentioned on some other blogs! Check out the links:

First, by one of my oldest friends and a blogging veteran, Faith. She posted my mom's recipe for the delicious "bullet bread."

Amy, one of my former coworkers, took some pictures of Ike at "work." Amy has an assortment of toys and gadgets at her desk, which help keep Ike's attention when we visit my old workplace.

Gina, also a former coworker, took a break from her usual creative/art blogging to set up Ike with a potential sweetheart.

Thanks for the mentions, girls. Ike's not letting the fame go to his head.

The flappy-headed Ike


Q: What has a four-chambered heart, weighs about 9 ounces, and can put its feet up by its head?

A: Ike's baby brother!

Another boy!

We're having another son! By all indications, he's developing just as he should be. It's hard to believe we're already halfway to meeting him.


  1. Can't wait to meet the new boy!

    I recognize that shot of Ike in his hole. So glad that we had such beautiful weather all weekend...

  2. Oh hi! Thanks for the mention! How exciting!